How Fitness Influences A Car Purchase

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When you have a new addition to the family, it often requires a car upgrade. 
While my dream car is going to be the FREE White Mercedes that I’m going to earn and shop for as a gift from the company I work for, my right now car needed to be cute, roomy, functional, and oh …. be able to fit all of my fitness equipment in the back along with all of our daily necessities. 

Here’s what HAS to fit in the car ….

  • My bike for when we go to the bike trails
  • My boxing gloves and gym bag for when I go to the gym
  • Our swim gear for when we go to family swim two days per week
  • Our ski gear for our annual ski trip

 Yes, knowing I have to carry all of this means I certainly have to choose wisely.

Unfortunately, I’m NO car expert and me and my husband don’t always see eye-to-eye.  He’s completely functional and again, I need something cute because duh!  I’m a girl.

Thankfully, I was able to take my research to  That way I could narrow everything down and when it was time to deliberate, I would have all the important information available.

 Here’s what was important to me:

Safety: With a new baby, having safety features such as the proper carseat latches, room for the carseat and baby from birth to growth in a rear-facing car seat, and proper belting systems for my older daughter.  Also, proper latches to hold our bicycles and special compartments to hold groceries when we’re out and about with all of our belongings and the family.  We needed a lot out of this vehicle.

Style: There is no sacrifice of functionality for style.  Making sure my right now car was something I was proud to walk up to each time I saw it had to be fulfilled.

Price: Cars have a tendency to lose value quickly.  Selecting a car that was ahead of the market in terms of value was a must just in case I wanted to trade it in, you know, when I get my FREE White Mercedes in a few months.  

Consumer Reviews: This should’ve topped the list.  I always look for reviews. From how the car drives, gadget opinions, gas usage, tire smoothness, etc. You name it, I’m looking for it.  While I can likely deal with gadget nuisances, I can’t deal with major flaws that would affect the way the car rides or how far I can get on a tank of gas.  Which brings me to my next point ….

Mileage: I’m used to driving cars that give excellent mileage to the gallon. My biggest fear about having a bigger vehicle was the lower gas mileage.  My search took a while because once I narrowed down a few cars, one of the most important deciding factors was indeed the gas mileage. 

Buying a car is a huge deal.  If you’re in the market make sure you’re armed with the right information.  While searching for and test driving cool cars are fun, signing on the dotted line is serious business. Make sure it’s a car you can live with because you and your family will be spending a lot of time in it. Oh, and one more thing …. make sure you enjoy the ride!


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