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Let's face it, if you have a desk job, chances are by mid-day you feel sluggish.

A great way to combat sluggishness is to get moving.

While one way is to get up every 90 minutes and take a quick walk to give yourself a boost, you can also just take an extended break lasting up to just 30 minutes, and get some real momentum going. 

Here are a few simple workouts that help you boost your cognition, creativity, and productivity; not to mention make you feel accomplished that you crossed your workout off your To-Do List during the day! Whoo hoo....

It doesn't have to be long either. If you feel like you can't bust any good moves for fear of sweating, or even worse, messing up your hair-do, you can adjust the time and make these workouts last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.

Best of all, you don't need any swanky equipment beyond what’s already available in your office. This means, no more excuses! Ha! 

Full-Body Strength Perform anywhere from 5 (beginner) to 15 (experienced) repetitions of these exercises in a circuit-style format for 5–30 minutes, resting as necessary:  

Chair squats. Start seated in a chair, then stand up. Advanced: Do squats without the chair.  

Desk push-ups. Place both hands on the desk shoulder-width apart, lower the body until the elbows reach 90 degrees, and press back to the start position. Advanced: Perform push-ups on the floor, either on the toes or knees or with the feet elevated on a chair.  

Hip bridges. Lie on the floor face-up, knees bent to 45 degrees and feet flat on the ground. Drive the hips toward the ceiling until there is a straight line from the knees to the shoulders. Advanced: Place both feet on a chair and perform the exercise.  

Elbow plank. Positioning yourself face-down with the elbows underneath the shoulders (like the Sphinx), rest on the knees (novice) or toes (experienced), and keep the trunk muscles tight. Hold for 10–30 seconds. Advanced: From elbow plank, lift one leg at time, alternating between legs.  

Dips. Sit in the chair, place the hands on the side of the chair, and press down until the hips are elevated. Advanced: Place the body in front of the chair to increase range of motion.

Boom! Day done. Workout complete.

You....feeling accomplished. You should def feel like you can take on the world now.

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