About Us

Thanks for stopping by. It’s nice to meet you! As a certified personal trainer, it was important to me for people to have the apparel and accessories they care about on a daily basis, but in a way that empowers greatness from the inside – out! 

The Naturally F.I.N.E. (Fitness is Necessary Everyday) Collection is a brand that celebrates the natural beauty in women and children. 

Branded under Daily Fitness Zone (DFZ) The Naturally F.I.N.E Collection:

  • Naturally FIT

  • Naturally FINE

  • Naturally Adorable

features wearable inspiration to promote self-care in fitness, beauty, and straight up LOVE for brown girls. We’re all beautiful. As far as we know, we are the only fitness brand that doesn’t present our T-Shirt images as silhouettes. Instead, we use imagery that fosters pride, inspiration, and motivation. We’re dedicated to improving health and empowerment of women and girls! 

This dedication was inspired by my passion to motivate individuals to look and feel their best. In my line of fitness and nutrition work, I have spoken with many women who state they looked in the mirror each day and didn’t like the way they looked or felt. Yet, they had little motivation to improve their current state of being. It is my biggest belief that when people fixate on positive images, they will strive towards healthier goals in body, mind, and spirit. Thus, Naturally FINE was born. 

We hope to invoke the spark of positivity women and girls need to embrace the natural beauty within and work towards a positive, vibrant, and more healthier life. To overcome obstacles. To reach goals!  

People deserve to look and feel great in the skin they’re in. We deserve to be proud of where we are, knowing we are all a constant work in progress. No woman or girl should ever be ashamed of who she is. She is beautiful. She has her own sparkle. She was born to shine. She is You! 

I truly believe this…. “There’s no cosmetic for beauty that works better than self-happiness!”– Maria Mithell