FIT & FINE Workout DVD

FIT & FINE Workout DVD

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Whether you're an expecting mom, a beginner, or starting over after a long while, these workouts are easy and SIMPLE to fit into your busy day! 

Great if you want to tone up, slim down, increase energy or flexibility. These short, yet effective workouts are just perfect if you're busy, yet want to implement or maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

You Get:

2 - Full Body Toning Workouts 

Yes, you can exercise during pregnancy! 


  • Stay fit and tone
  • Improve energy
  • Increase flexibility
  • Strengthen core areas
  • Snap back quicker 

Workouts are quick, easy and perfect for expectant moms at any stage in their pregnancy OR for any beginner. 

Important Stuff: 

*The DVD is physical and will be shipped to you. The digital version includes 2 downloads (workout 1 & 2).

Disclaimer: Get doctor’s consent prior to implementing any fitness program.